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Xijiao State Guest Hotel Shanghai is located on the quiet Hongqiao Road in the western part of the city. Xijiao State Guest Hotel Shanghai is a prestigious garden-style guesthouse. It belongs to the Shanghai East Lake (Group) Company. The river in the pavilion is meandering and famous trees and trees are planted. . Xijiao State Guest Hotel Shanghai has all kinds of villas with different styles. It also has a magnificent and well-equipped conference center, which has become the preferred place for high-end meetings, conferences and large business dinners. Xijiao Hotel also has a sports center, one of the sports and leisure clubs in Shanghai's West District, to make your business trip more comfortable. Xijiao Hotel welcomes Chinese and foreign guests with first-class facilities and personalized service.
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  • SnowCong
    Hotel occupies a very large area, landscaping was beautiful. dinner buffet is not good, type of cuisine, dishes that can be selected are not abundant. in addition to various other dissatisfied too lazy to write, may we ask too much of it, will ever live.
  • e01163341
    Bureaucratic State-owned atmosphere, bad review
  • e00053871
    Nice service, leisure can stroll the gardens, Red-crowned cranes can be seen outside the room, doves and other birds, as well as a lazy cat, is the facility a bit dated
  • uuuuuuu
    Very great, secret garden well, swing had a good time, inside the restaurant, breakfast child plus one adult costs more than 1.2, unreasonable; children 6 years old; the weather, gardens don't see cranes;
  • mocoxiao
    Friends book, good
  • e00808914
    Beautiful environment, flowers, location excellent, the next time you come to Shanghai to live
    Hotel in the beautiful scenery, good service, the only regret is that the outdated facilities.
  • iwan72
    Here is here, a park-like environment, can walk and enjoy it, Lake is wide, almost no one deserves to sit quietly back on ... ... Veneer on the walkway leading to the lobby on the first floor a reception before the heads, photo, single overhead crane in the garden, it is not a five-star hotel than ... ...
    The hotel environment is very beautiful! hotels in Shanghai are rare, for leisure, rest, is the best choice!
  • morepowertoyou
    That's good
  • bjjoewu
    Ideal place for a business trip
  • yeliang66
    Often choose
  • bloodyboy
    Hotel is close to the HongQiao airport, the environment elegant, spacious housing, services
  • claretong
    I reservation of is luxury big bed room (dinner package), each room per person staying first day can was gift (soft drinks) beverage coupons a Zhang (each room up to two Zhang). staying Shi asked Qian Office customer service said no. away from shop Shi please Concierge generation sent a seal this city letters, Concierge radio asked Hou said to received postage fee 10 Yuan. above staying and away from shop Shi encountered of thing, I on hotel of impression imagined.
  • ameiwxm
    Wine very good, next time you want to select
  • George_Jin
    In addition to tall, what else to say! 32 great!
  • lmj5127063
    The environment is good
  • e00810478
    Garden Hotel, Shanghai, only this one.
  • donedone
    Very much, best hotel, like the door of shady Avenue
  • losloo
    Environment of the hotel is very beautiful, is located in a large park, from the main entrance to the hotel's 7th floor, a kilometre road Green on both sides. Waterfall Koi pond in the lobby on the 7th floor, stunning bright. seriously at the front desk of our three room together so that we can exchange. registered Juniors room winding streets, Atrium garden with red-crowned cranes and swans, and idle flowers Tanuki. staff professional kind decent, we asked the front desk for a garden card ConciergeDepartment of handsome small guy on served Shang a Zhang simple garden figure. I with son to swimming, and for we called has battery sent to West Sports Center, battery driver and swimming pool of staff are is seriously is responsible for not more statements of Shanghai master tert-. Garden District also has Swan duck duck, we feed has two times Swan, MOM is happy. this tourism purpose is national with parents live hotel shopping garden reduced mother Shang adults Festival burn dish kick. out West hundred joint has many restaurant and parent-child amusement select, for IThis reluctance to go out the crowds, is a very good choice. after being heard a lot of customers say the Shanghai dialect, Shanghai appears to have consensus also
  • amo11
    From the airport near! Hotel in beautiful environment! service is good!
  • fundo
    Environment is very good, good choice of family holiday base from which
  • Rabbit001
    That's good.
  • mengjim
    Very good
  • e04577931
    Hotel environment on the tall, Red-crowned cranes in window, in Shanghai, a large area of Green Garden only 'State' prefix can be
  • superman
    This is a friend, complained the yard is great, especially after dinner you can walk inside, very quiet, less air pollution. is not too easily, but to the airport very centering.
    Hotel reservation for the guest, for ease of travel. However, all areas of hotel very good, sort of a surprise!
  • cn20190
    HA HA HA one of the 12 cooperation between groups of Beijing
  • bobymandy
    Environment nice, fresh air and greenery around, Manager Qiao Xiaojie warm service, personally escorted to view and select room, trouble, all smiles, thanks a lot, there is a feeling of being at home!
  • naonao3210
    Hotel garden is very big and beautiful, the room and aisles have a musty, room layout is not feeling well, and overall price/performance than HongQiao.
  • lucifania
    Happy national day holiday, but there was a little advice, I live on the third floor room because it was wrapped in a metal railing all the sound didn't come to form bass next to easy impact
  • dr.jin
    Environment of the hotel is very good. of course, if you don't have a car, can appear a bit inconvenient, and call a taxi to come in from the outside, it is not convenient for. If the location of the hotel is close to the activity is not far away, the hotel is worth taking.
  • oupinxian
    Environment is good have no say, but quality is too high for security, most people were too hard to accept, estimated to be served the leaders, so you don't pay much heed to guest needs.
  • emma425
    Nice environment.
  • dorisclj
    Star hotel: Needless to say, no discount rooms at the
  • sionmarine
    Five star rhythm! Beautiful environment, one night in a hurry, which savored!
  • lulu99lulu
    Environment can be just a little old hoping to redecorate it would have been perfect
  • dajiangjun51
    Service good.
  • fadny
    Here is not the same
  • bdsuiag
    Shower rain quantity is too small
  • jiawa
    Is good in all aspects, used to live here! is pretty good in all aspects, used to live here!
  • JessicaLu.
    Elegant environment, but under the rain didn't get a chance to visit during your stay. the breakfast is sumptuous tastes good, is worth living
  • liyurong88
    Give an? international cities have such beautiful gardens-hotel!
  • e00102485
    Booking for friends, good environment, twisted, in and out of without a car is not convenient
  • Doraemeng
    Shanghai beautiful environment of the hotel services is well deserved here
  • e00632420
    To help leaders make the reservation, it should be good
  • feiniao576
    Very beautiful, very suitable for leisure and tourism.
  • sicer
    Rooms are entered the Hall has been the last one, 12 o'clock in the morning, and did not see the beautiful environment, also sees a beautiful handsome person in the lobby, work out in the morning ferry to go out, attitude perfectly, and waiter talk to know that this is here Tuesday, green area very good very much, next time you feel the beauty of the West!
  • beyer
    Environmental and facilities did not have to say, is that the price is a little bit higher than the Enterprise Agreement prices
  • cwrest
    Gardens, the room is General.